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I try to install DSS on Ubuntu 16.04. First attempt to run the installer return missing depedencies. I run

sudo -i "/opt/dataiku-dss-4.0.1/scripts/install/"

and the retry

./ -d /home/raphael/configs/ -p 11000

tis return "permission denied" errors eg :

Sorry [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/opt/dataiku-dss-4.0.1/python/dataiku/__init__.pyc.139714356390000'

and running the script as root returns "dataiku doesn't support root execution". I'm new to ubuntu and i feel like I miss something obvious but I didn't find anything in the documentation.

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    This is interesting !

    Did you unarchive dataiku-dss-4.0.1 tarball as root ?

    Is it possible to have the output of the command

    ls -lrtR /opt/dataiku*

    Finally you can fix your issue by running

    sudo chown -R dataiku: /opt/dataiku-dss-4.0.1/

    Please let us know if the permission were correct since the beginning so we can investigate the origin of this issue.


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