Upload csv files: limit at 10000 rows?

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I have tried to upload 4 accdients files (2011, 2012,2013,2014) for the training course "user case 3". But I have only 10000 rows in database after upload.

I have tried to upload only the accidents file 2011 : there are 59758 lines in the csv file, but there are only 9898 lines in the database.

There are some limit in number of lines in the tables ?

Thanks in advance

Alex Jiang


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  • Thomas
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    Hi Alex,

    So when you see that a dataset has 10000 records in DSS, it is usually just a sample used to speed up interactive analysis and visualisation, but the actual dataset should have all the records.

    You can:

    • check the actual number of records of the Dataset > Status

    • or alternatively in the Flow screen, click on the dataset, and in the right panel, click on Details at the top, then look for "Status" and "Records"

    The size of the sample used for display purpose can be set from the left menu (hidden by default) from the Explore view of a dataset:

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