Import an existing Dash (Flask) webapp

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I was wondering if it's possible to upload an existing python webapp (made with dash -

Dash is actually a webapp with a Flask backend, so it kind of fits on the "standard webapps" description in the docs

However I'm unable to find any button allowing me to upload pre-existing code folders, seems that I can only start a new app from scratch.



  • ATsao
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    This is indeed currently not possible but I will go ahead and forward this feedback to our product team for further review. Also, as a side note, support for Dash is an existing request that's already in our backlog but something that's still being worked on internally.



  • importpandas
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    seconded for dash support, and a route for streamlit in the near future. from a python apps perspective, bokeh is OK

  • dhiman63
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    I would love to see some Dash support as well in Dataiku! Lot of applications already built in Dash which right now bringing in the Dataiku dashboards using embedded external websites. But would really love bring this last piece into the fold as well.

  • Taylor
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    Although I prefer R Shiny, I do get this question about Dash support in DSS very often. Personally, I think bokeh is a horrible experience and the documentation is less than helpful. A Flask / Javascript web app is our current go-to, which often feels like overkill.

    I think doubling down on enabling fast development of analytical web applications would be an interesting strategy for Dataiku to take. There are so many use-cases that require something that is just barely out of reach of what a Power BI or a Tableau can do. File upload to generate plots, interactive / on-demand data processing, simulations - these can be done and stored in a database for a BI tool to use, but would be much more powerful in a Dash-like environment.

    I suspect there's a big market of people willing to do Dash development but don't want to do things like LDAP / identity management, data source connections, etc.

  • emher
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    Is there any progress towards support for Plotly Dash? It seems to be gaining momentum in the data scientist community. Also, I really like the option of being able to wrap React components for use in Dash; it makes it possible to achieve very custom dashboards/web apps by leveraging the React eco system.

  • emher
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    For other people looking for a Plotly Dash integration, i have written a few glue scripts to simplify the process. I have posted the required steps on the Dash forum as the code formatting on this forum is rather flaky,

    It hope it will inspire others to make some great Dash apps powered by dataiku

  • KimmyC
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    Hi @emher

    Happy to report that starting in DSS 9, we now includes the ability to write, deploy and manage Dash webapps.



  • NancyK
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    Hi @emher
    , we also have a Dash webapp tutorial on the Dataiku Knowledge Base - feel free to check it out

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