How to create a bundle which includes custom plugins built ?

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Hi Team,

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I have a problem regarding the custom plugins. I am unable to bundle the plugins to export to the automation node. I am encountering the same problem where I want to export the project from my local to remote server, I could bundle everything of a project like datasets, models etc.. but unable to bundle the custom plugins which I have developed.

Can you please help me in resolving this issue ?




  • Katie
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    Hello Tejasri!

    Plugins are installed (or developed) on a given DSS instance, not within a project, so they're not part of the project metadata. When you bundle a project, it just contains the project metadata and not instance-wide metadata, like plugins.

    If you want to make plugins you've developed available in a different DSS instance or automation node, you can go to the waffle icon the top right --> plugins --> development --> select your plugin --> actions --> download this plugin. Then, you can login to your automation node (or other DSS instance) and go to the waffle icon the top right --> plugins --> add plugin --> upload.

    Alternatively, you can automate at least part of this process via the python plugin API -- especially if your plugins have been pushed to a git repository.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions!



  • Tsurapaneni
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    Hi Katie,

    I truly appreciate your response and the way you helped me to comprehend the concept. I understood the way and why it isn't showing up. Thank you for your time and efforts!



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