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We've created some insights that provide graphs of data, with the ability to filter by quarter. The quarter filter is a column in our dataset that gets updated every 3 months. What we'd really like is for our insight to always display data from ALL quarters, and allow users to de-select specific historical records if they desire.

The problem we're facing is that a new unique entry in the quarter column (Q3-2020 for example) is not automatically selected in the filter when it is loaded into the dataset - so our business users are seeing stale data even though the new data is available in the dataset.

Is there some way to have an insight filter always select all values without having to manually edit each affected insight?




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    I was trying to replicate you example with DSS 8.0.1, and I do have the behavior you expect automatically... provided that I actually understood the question correctly.

    What I have is a partitioned dataset that refreshes every month, and the insight is displayed as shown in the next image:


    You can see the month filter on the left, and it has by default all the filters selected. Then, I run the scenario to update the insight with the data from the last month, and this is the new insight (without doing any manual manipulation):


    As you can see, the insight automatically added the new month and it was by default selected by the filter to the left.

    So, what might be happening is that the behavior you are not getting maybe affects some kind of insights? Without some actual example is difficult to understand if there is some issue, or there is a simple answer.

    Anyway, I hope this helps!

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