How to select columns with pattern to fill with previous value

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I am trying to fill 2040 columns out of 2048 columns I have in my time series data set with previous value in the "visual analysis recipe" as follows

However it is a tiresome process of selecting them manually one by one as the "filling with previous value" don't allow selecting columns with pattern.

Is there any way or workaround to make this with more efficient way.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Benedikt
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    did you try the Windows Recipe? You can select the "lag" aggregation to create new columns from previous rows.
    In the Aggregation Navigation Tile of the Windows Recipe you can filter the columns and then check all and choosing the Action "Fill with prev[...]" on the left hand side of the filter textfield

    Otherwise using Python/R/Spark is the workaround that always works.


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