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Is it possible to sort based on a manual order?

I see natural ordering, but no explanation of what that is.

For our example, we have a stacked area graph, and we want to set a specific order of the stacks.


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    I'm not aware of one. Maybe others might know.

    Have you considered a column with a sort order number in it? However, I'm not clear that this will even resolve your issue. Because you might not want to display the sort value. I'm not clear that DSS's Graphics can sort by an undisplayed value.


    • You could export to something like Tableau, or even MS Excel
    • You could display with the ggplot2 library from the R Language

    Note: Seting Up R can be a bit of a big lift getting it to work with DSS, then learning how to use it in either a notebook or as a Shiny App, which would allow for interactive graphics.

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