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I need to check how frequently my data is updating at database ,Is there any way to check at Dataiku ?

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    Hi @swapnilnavale63
    and welcome!

    You could use a dataset check to count the number of rows in your database and then log this - what is the expected frequency of changes to the database and are you wanting to trigger some action when it updates?


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    Are you interested in some specific table/dataset? On the Dataiku side we track every time your dataset is built, one way to access this information is through the python API, for example:

    import dataiku, dataikuapi
    ds = dataiku.Dataset('mydataset')
    build_history = ds.get_metric_history('Build date')['values']

    Another way is to have an additional step that would log information after each time a table was written to.

    You can achieve it by creating a table for logging and writing into it from a "" available in the Dataset -> Settings -> Advanced.

    Screenshot 2020-07-22 at 11.56.07.png

    A third option is similar to the second but on the database side, you can create a database trigger on a table you're interested in and log information each time this table is modified, for example in Postgres:



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