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How can we pick files with dynamic filename using sharepoint plugin? For ex- filename will contain date value and hence will change everyday.


  • Katie
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    If you want to dynamically update the sharepoint filenames automatically, you can use a combination of custom variables in DSS and the python API for inside scenarios.

    First, set up a custom variable in your plugin config field. You can call it ${filename}.

    Next, we'll want to dynamically update this variable regularly. To do so, go to scenarios --> +new scenario (or open up an existing scenario) --> steps --> add step --> execute python code, and paste something like the below in the code box.

    import dataiku
    from dataiku.scenario import Scenario
    import datetime

    today =
    filename = 'dataset_{}-{}-{}.csv'.format(today.year, today.month,
    scenario = Scenario()
    scenario.set_project_variables(dataiku.default_project_key(), filename = filename)

    Now, your project variable will get updated with the current date every time you run the scenario.

    Next, you'll want to automatically rebuild the sharepoint dataset, so just add a build/train step, select the dataset you want to rebuild, and set build mode to force-rebuild.

    You can then set triggers to run this scenario daily, weekly etc.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions!



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