Load multiples files in the same dataset

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Sorry I am new in Dataiku,

So I have a question, I would like to make a dataset with several files (e.g. excel), which have the same structure both in columns and in the file name, only the identifier number varies (e.g. excel1, excel2, excel3 ...... excelN) Can Dataiku be made to read only a folder that has these files? It is worth mentioning that these files are on my PC, e.g. located on the Desktop

I'm appreciate your attention



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    When you make a dataset out of a folder on a filesystem, DSS reads all the files in that folder, and expects them to all have the same structure.

    If DSS is not installed on your laptop but on a remote server, it can't access your local files. You'll need to upload them to a place it can access (FTP, S3, ...)

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