removing sales return for positive as well as negative values

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have a task at hand to identify negative values in a table and find a matching positive value in same table/column, then delete both entries. It is possible that there could be multiple positive values in the column and in such case only one of the matching positive values along with the negative value should be deleted. There will only be one negative value but could be multiple matching positive values. Values in this case are numerical (transaction data).

As an example, table 'Transactions' and column 'Value' has: -10.02, 10.02, 10.02


  • Liev
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    Assuming the absolute values for the same item are the same (positive and negative), you could use a Group recipe and SUM the transaction amount, this would cancel out the needed items.

    The information is limited re dataset so this is all I can come up with for the time being!

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