can we use python to read HTML control in webapp

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do we have any option to read HTML control text and value in python in /DKU_TSHIRTS/webapps?

also can we create project from webapp? any example would be helpful

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    Hi @ananth

    If you need to make values from UI available to your backend, you will need to make use of some JS in order to pass those values into a backend endpoint. The endpoint will use those, perhaps with other computations in order to generate a response.

    JS then will, if successful (or unsuccessful) update UI.

    For example in HTML

      <input type="text" id="input_field" value="some_value">

    Then in JS perhaps you want to capture when someone clicks on this (or other events)

    $('#input_field').on('click', function () {
      input_value = $(this).val();
      $.getJSON(getWebAppBackendUrl('/do_something?input_value=' + input_value), function(data) {

    then in Python backend

    from flask import request
    import json
    @app.route('/do_something', methods = ['GET'])
    def do_something():
        input_value = request.args.get('input_value')
        return json.dumps(some_dict_response)

    Please treat the above as pseudocode to illustrate the general flow, hope this helps!


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