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In our company, we have 3 landscapes for DSS : DEV, TEST and PRODUCTION.

According to DSS documentation, I understand that a new project version is updated in Production with a 'Import Bundle' functionality available in the Automation node.

This project update process is not clear for me when we want to update a project in TEST environment from a project Bundle created in DEV. Indeed, I don't find this 'Import Bundle' functionality in the Design TEST instance of DSS.

Please, could you explain what is the best way to update a project in TEST from the project version implemented in DEV design instance ? Should we use 'Bundle' ? if yes, how to update an existing project in TEST ?


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    Your TEST setup should actually be an automation node rather than a design node.

    The idea is that in a CI/CD kind of process, your TEST environment should match as closely as possible your PROD environment. Furthermore, you do not want to actually do some authoring in TEST, only in DEV.

    Hence TEST should be an automation node and use the same import bundle as PROD.

    Temporarily, you can actually use "import project" in TEST, and give it your bundle. A bundle is actually also a valid project export and can be imported (but beware, not the other way around). Note however that you will not then be able to "update" from another bundle. Only automation nodes can do that.

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