Parsing dates to ISO not working

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I uploaded an excel file to Dataiku, but Dataiku isn't matching the data type or parsing the date field correctly. I've tried this multiple times, and so did someone else, but we are both getting the same results. Specifically, what I am having trouble with is:

The date field is formatted as a date in excel, but then Datiku is saying it is text/string. I selected the checkbox for "Parse dates to ISO" on the upload screen, which seemed to work up until I created the dataset. Post creation, all of the column headers were pushed over by one column, but the underlying values did not.



I've attached the spreadsheet I'm using (with the data masked).

Has anyone else experienced this? Why does this happen/ how do you fix it?

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    We confirm that "parse dates to ISO" does not currently work. We are actually likely to remove the feature as it proves challenging.

    We advise you not to enable "parse dates to ISO" and to use a prepare recipe in order to parse the dates.

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