Building Tensorflow from Source

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I figure out a way that may get multiple GPU support with the latest CUDA. If I built a tensorflow 1.15 configured for CUDA 10.2 from source, I'll be able to build the PIP package .whl. My questions is once I have the PIP package, how to I point the DSS code env to import it as the tensorflow package to use?


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    As stated in my previous answer, in the case of the Visual Deep Learning in DSS, the latest versions we support are:

    - tensorflow 1.15

    - keras 2.3

    - CUDA 10.0

    - cuDNN 7.6

    If you use these versions specifically, you will be able to build your code-env directly from pip. This way you'll be able to create a managed code-env in DSS.

    I would not recommend building tensorflow from source (unless there is a specific feature of CUDA 10.2 which is not available in CUDA 10.0).



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