pandas read excel with openpyxl

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I am trying to read xlsx and xlsm file using pandas read_excel method with engine as openpyxl. I am getting error as <class 'ValueError'>: Unknown engine: openpyxl.

Upon searching on internet, i got to know that pandas==0.23.4 does not support engine parameter. Therefore, I tried upgrading pandas==0.25.3 where engine is supported. I am unable to perform the upgrade as well.

How can I resolve the issue, so that I can read excel files using openpyxl?


  • Clément_Stenac
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    It is not currently possible to read Excel files in DSS using pandas+openpyxl. You can either using pandas+xlrd (i.e. the default pandas engine) or openpyxl itself, but not with pandas' openpyxl engine.

    We are looking into upgrading pandas in a future version of DSS.

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