ERR_TRANSACTION_FAILED_ENOSPC: Out of disk space - VM not working

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I am a physician with limited computer skills. I use DSS to analyse my patients medical reccord and therefore improve my medical pratice. I use a Virtual Machine to run DSS on windows.

Today, I had this message as I was duplicating a project " ERR_TRANSACTION_FAILED_ENOSPC: Out of disk space" .

After that, I wasn't able to perform any operation on dataiku. I shot the VM down and tried to resart it but the VM doesn't start anymore.

Even if I am not able to use DSS anymore, I just need to retrieve all the datas I stored and processed in it.

I searched on the community support but did not find any similar topics.

Thank you very much for your help

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    Hi David

    the work which you perform on DSS is stored on the local disk of the VM, so recreating a new VM will lose any previous work and restart from an empty DSS instance.

    If you still have access to the local disk file for your previous VM, you should be able to restart it and recover your work. The easiest should be to boot the VM, log on to it using the console and cleanup some unneeded files, typically in the "dss/jobs" folder which contains the logs of previous dataset build jobs. DSS should then be able to restart.

    It is possible to permanently allocate more space to the VM by growing its disk using VirtualBox/VMWare tools, or attaching a secondary disk. For more intensive use you can also export your current DSS projects and import them back in a larger DSS instance, for example cloud-based.


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