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I upgraded DSS from 6.0.4 to 7.0.1. After upgrade i am getting below error whenever I am creating Notebooks.

File "/dataiku/install/dataiku-dss-7.0.1/dku-jupyter/packages/notebook/dataiku/kernelmanager.py", line 166, in _launch_kernel
raise Exception("MUS Wrapper process died !")
Exception: MUS Wrapper process died !

When I went to back-end logs I can see below statement:

exec chown: sudo -n /etc/dataiku-security/AlIXUcuODCHvYIm32n2KH2tz/execwrapper.sh acls chown --path /dataiku/designData/jupyter-run/dku-workdirs/DKU_TUTORIAL_BASICS/username_s_Python_notebook_188ca30f4-username --owner username
[2020/04/08-13:39:20.696] [null-err-216] [INFO] [dku.utils] - sudo: a password is required
Please let me know what might be causing the issue?

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