Do the folders have a version control?

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Hi all,

Do they folders have a version control?

We want to run multiple models and save the results to their respective sub folders - each sub model has its own sub folder. However, as you develop your models further you make changes and you rerun. Then these folders will overwrite the content from the previous run.

I was wondering if there is a git versioning for folders in case I want to roll back for a specific model.

Is this possible with dataiku and if not what would you advice?



  • Clément_Stenac
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    There is no version control for managed folders.

    Please note that rerunning a recipe that writes to a managed folder does not overwrite anything. You only ever overwrite if you want to.

    We'd advise to generate a new sub-sub-folder for each model, at each run. For example, named as the timestamp of the run. This will allow archiving all runs.

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