macro is not running for deep learning of images

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I was trying out the tutorial to develop a deep learning model for images. Everything is well as far as the flow is concerned .But when I try to run the macro after following plugin installation procedure, I end up with the following error :

<class 'dataikuapi.utils.DataikuException'> : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Connection 'filesystem_folders' does not exist.

Can somebody please help.

Thanks ! - PK


  • Clément_Stenac
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    This plugin currently requires that you have a connection of kind "Filesystem" called "filesystem_folders", and where you can create managed folders.

    This is the case out of the box on Dataiku, your administrators may have removed it, in which case you won't be able to use this plugin.

  • PK
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    Thanks for the response. My version of dataiku is a hosted trial for 14 days. Is it possible that the ability to use plugins for this version is restricted then ? Because as you had said, I also remember reading that filesystem_folders and managed folders are installed by default with a DSS system.

    Thanks - PK

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