Dummy Variables names as colum names in predicted dataset

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Is their a way to get the exact column names the model used for dummification in the predicted data-set

dummy:variable_name:variable_value or something like variable_name_variable_value ?

Thank you in advance!


  • DamienJ
    DamienJ Dataiker, Registered Posts: 10 Dataiker

    Hi @moufkir

    You can't output those names in a dataset. However, there are available when you interpret some model results. For exemple: export coefficients of a logistic regression or export variable importance of a random forest.

    You can also do the dummification yourself within a prepare recipe using the "unfold" preprocessor. Beware this might lead to huge datasets.

  • moufkir
    moufkir Registered Posts: 7 ✭✭✭✭

    Thank you for your quick Answer.

    for my case as the dummification is available in the model part, I think it is better to do it at this level.

    and find it interesting to have an option to output dataset with dummified variables.

    Best Regards

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