Spinner vs. no background task running at the moment?

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Hello all,

I am running DSS (5.1.5, considering upgrading to 6.0) on my macbook pro (OS X 10.14.6), doing some data wrangling and analysis on (big) flat files.

I made a very simple Pivot on a table, and since then DSS displays a constant spinner, without producing the output pivot view. I checked in Administration/Monitoring/Running background tasks, nothing...

I assume investigating what is currently running involves digging into the Terminal interface of DSS?

Thanks in advance,


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    1. Backed my data up following that instructions on that ticket
    2. uninstalled DSS 5.1.5 using AppZapper
    3. deleted the content of the $HOME/Library/DataScienceStudio/dss_home directory using the rm -rf command
    4. installed DSS 6.0 using the DMG file
    5. tried doing the Basics tutorial to check everything would work fine again

    but failed to create the first dataset using the orders.csv file, here's the error message:

    Failed to commit to Git a previously scheduled commit, caused by: RepositoryNotFoundException: repository not found: /Users/[user-name]/Library/DataScienceStudio/dss_home/config/projects/DKU_TUTORIAL_BASICS

    When that folder exists...

    (base) DKU_TUTORIAL_BASICS git:(master) pwd


    I have trouble understanding how after what I consider a "clean install" (removed app and emptied Data folder) things still don't work.

    I think it might have to do with git not liking my rm -rf of the folder...

    Will continue investigating, but will appreciate any help!

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