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Every few weeks I discover some very cool Dataiku feature that I like to share with others but I feel that post in the General Discussion board won't really attack much interest. The Using Dataiku board is the most popular board where people post about their issues and while I have posted tips there before I feel they could have much better exposure in a dedicated place. Below are a couple of samples posts I did:

This new area could be open to all like the main boards so anyone could post tips but will be great if it could use voting like the Product Ideas board to highlight/rank the best tips and make it very easy for people to look for new tips and learn Dataiku skills very quickly. I thought of some possible names:

• Top Tips
• Great Tips
• Productivity Tips
• Getting the most of Dataiku
• Using Dataiku like a Pro

How does this idea sound?

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  • Michael Grayson
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    I agree that such an area would be a valuable thing, internal conversations will need to be had about how we implement it and what would be the best way to surface it to users.

    Leave it with me, and we will investigate.

    I should also add that your desire to share insights is as always very appreciated!

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