Using the chart functionality for a dataset from data warehouse

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I have a table that resides in data warehouse. Once I create a connection to that table in Dataiku, I would like to directly explore the data without doing any additional processing, so I was hoping to use the "Chart" tab available when I double-click on the dataset. I had initially selected the option "In-database" for the Execution Engine. I was trying to plot the trend of medical tests performed when I got the attached error saying "Type of column bio_date is not a DATE, but STRING". However, when I go to the "Explore" tab, the column "bio_date" does have date data type in the dataset (see attached). I am not sure what the disconnect is.

Then I tried to use DSS as the Execution Engine and I was able to plot the chart without errors.

While using In Database option, why I am getting data type error even though the column has the right data type, but I am able to plot it when I use DSS? (we're using Redshift as data warehouse)



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    Hi @DogaS

    This error usually occurs if there are null values in the input data (in this case, it would be the date column). Can you please check? If there are nulls, I'd recommend filling or removing them.

    Note, you can fill empty values with a Prepare recipe using processor "fill empty cells...".


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