Update local variables on automation project

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I'm looking for the way to use : "Update local variables on automation project".

Indeed when I'm trying to use this option with for exemple :

  "BON": "JOUR"

on deployer node : Deployments / $projecKey-on-dataiku-automation-2/settings/
I get this error :

Invalid format: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '$invalid')

The variable does not exist either locally or globally in the design node. It also does not exist in the bundles deployed on the same project, neither locally nor globally.

Whats wrong ?
Operating system used: linux aws
Operating system used: linux aws

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  • Axolotl
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    I get answer from the support :


    Unfortunatly, you did stumble on a known regression bug. The fix has already been released in DSS 12.5.1. Please upgrade to resolve the issue.
    Technical support engineer,


  • Turribeach
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    Why are you trying to update variables? Projects have two types of variables, Global and Local. Globals get included in the bundle, Local don't. Local always override Global. That means that if the same variable is defined in both Global and Local the Local value takes precedence. So define your variables in Global. Then set them in Local in Designer and Automation to whatever values you want. Problem solved. Any bundles will not include the Local values which you already set in the Automation node to the value you want.

  • Axolotl
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    Thank you for your message. Perhaps I didn’t explain my problem clearly. I want to create a variable that would have a different value in design and in automation node depending on my groups. And I wish to do this with a macro during the deployment of the bundle.

    Dataiku offers a menu for this : "Update local variables on automation project" (screen attached)

    and it’s great. But I encountered the error mentioned above.

    Has anyone else received this error message?

  • Marlan
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    Hi @Axolotl

    You can define variables at the node level. We do this for several variables. They are defined in config files on each node.

    It sounds like you are after variables that are updated based on group and node so this probably won't help but wanted to mention it nonetheless.

    Good luck.


  • Axolotl
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    Hi @Marlan
    , thanks for your answer.

    Indeed, its not exactly what im looking for because I have to select value by group.

    Does anyone know how the feature "update local variable on automation project" works ?


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