Renaming the output dataset of SQL Script and its impact to the script

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It's common to realize there is a better naming for a dataset, or a name for a dataset to require revision after further adjustments made elsewhere in the workflow.

In such an instant, I renamed the output dataset (which is a table in SQL Database) in Dataiku. The initial name was "backend" and I updated it to "network_map_backend". Post this update, I edited the SQL Script manually to reflect the name change so that the table I am creating in the SQL code is also named "network_map_backend". However, after running the script, I got the error stating that the table "backend" doesn't exist in database.

Then I realized that even though I rename the output dataset in Dataiku and edited the SQL Script to reflect the name change, the recipe is still pointing to "backend" in its output (please see attached screenshot).

How can I update this to be "network_map_backend" as well?

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    I figured out the issue. Sharing it in case it is relevant to any other user.

    Basically, even after changing the name of the dataset on Dataiku flow by right clicking on the dataset and selecting rename, the location the dataset points to in database remains as the old name of the dataset.

    After renaming the dataset, one needs to go into dataset, select "Settings" in the top ribbon, and update the name of the table within the "Connection" section.


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    Please note that doing what you did leaves an orphan table in your database. So you should go and drop it manually now.

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