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Hi All!

I'm trying to use streaming Python with the example given in documentation:

If i try to follow it , it doesn't work exactly:
1) .get_continuous_writer() expects a source-id as one of the arguments

2) if i give something like .checkpoint("this_recipe", "some state"), it says checkpoint() takes 2 positional arguments but 3 were given

i havent seen examples on Writing the output dataset in case of streaming, if i could get some guidance on this it would be great. I did try something based on the previous prompts while trying to run it:

test_stream = dataiku.Dataset("test_stream")i=0test_stream.write_schema([{"name":"data", "type":"int"}])with test_stream.get_continuous_writer("source-id-string") as test_stream_writer:test_stream_writer.write_row_dict({'data': np.random.rand()})test_stream_writer.checkpoint(str(i))i = i+1time.sleep(3)

but this also always fails with :

Continuous activity failed: Backend died while running, caused by: SerializedErrorException: One pod failed

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    Hi @Sangavi_M
    Does it fail immediately?

    Could you please share the activity logs and share them in a support ticket?
    If click 'continuous activity' link at the top right and look for logs
    Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 10.00.33 PM.png



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