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Hi folks,

Someone knows if its possible to pass a specific snowflake warehouse name on a visual recipe like join ?
I don't want to have two, three, etc. connexions per warehouse size and as this parameter may change during the flow, I cant use the default warehouse selection.

Also in my sso snowflake connection we don't pass any warehouse but it takes the default.

Is it possible to pass the warehouse on advanced settings then add property (attached screenshot).

Is the only way to do it is to create a python macro changing the default warehouse ?

Thanks in advance.

Operating system used: linux aws

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  • Axolotl
    Axolotl Registered Posts: 13


    Thanks a lot!

    What I missed with variables was the ability to set defaults values (because I was not able to manage the user-warehouse link for all user easily).

    Now, with your solution, the advanced users will modify their settings themself. The less advanced keep the default, and there's no user-warehouse mapping table to manage.

    Brilliant solution? Thank you very much!

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