Warn during Project Duplication when Project Names get to Looooong....

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User Story:

As a Data Analyst who periodically duplicates Dataiku DSS projects, I would like to be warned if the project name gets so long that the copied project will not work reliably. This would save a bunch of time during project duplications

Conditions of Satisfaction:

  • If the project name gets longer during duplication I would at least like to be notified.

Nice to Have:

  • Have the Project Duplication Process know about each of the data stores in the project and report if the new project name will cause problems
  • When projects are duplicated the suggested project name is kept both uniques and the same overall length as the original project.


When Duplicating projects that use a PostgreSQL Database Server I can run into errors if the length of the Project Name gets too long. This is not well captured as an error condition. This is particularly bad when duplicating complicated projects and the name of the tables get so long that PostgreSQL will no longer work correctly.

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