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How would I be able to incorporate a web data analyzer without a web app, I want to analyze the ASX market and predict the most likely increase, but the data updates daily and I want to add a macro so it auto buys and sells. Any suggestions or code examples?

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    Hello, I think your question implies a lot, but if that helps you.

    Incorporating a web data analyser does not necessarily require a webapp if you have an updated data source and you have a connector set on it.
    If your data is enriched on a daily basis, all you need to do is build your recipes to feed your flow consequently.
    By the way, I don't know what ASX is, perhaps you should find out about the data services available on this subject. you might consider starting with DSS connection compatibility with your broker

    For questions strictly associated with DSS,
    For macros yes, on your platform interface go to the list of applications and choose plugin. From there you can develop your services with its various visual components, including an associated macro in your project.

    However, I'd like to come back to one point: if you want to use dataiku to send orders to a third-party service via an API, you'll need to create an endpoint and deploy a service using the NODE API. ( cf.


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