Failed to get Hadoop settings

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One of our users is getting this error when trying to open datasets in a project. Somehow when he refreshes the browser couple of times, it works out and sometimes it does not work out. The user belongs to the group with permission to the S3 connection which stores the data. Some thoughts on why this is happening?

Failed to get Hadoop settings:, caused by: APIErrorException: Action forbidden on cluster 'design-eks-xxnodes'.


  • Alexandru
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    Hi @TheMLEngineer

    It's unclear why refreshing would work after a few refreshes the only way I can think of getting "Action forbidden on cluster" the interactions with the dataset require Interactive SQL with Spark which is configured to use a cluster and the user does not have permissions.

    Please open a support ticket with the instance diagnostics and let us know the username/datasets affected in the ticket and any relevant screenshots

    Ideally, please generate the instance diagnostics right after the user reproduces the issue.


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