What account/user does SharePoint use to connect

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Hello, I am trying to set up a connection between Dataiku and SharePoint using the SharePoint plugin. I'm running into a (seemingly authorisation-related) issue where the configuration of the connection within Dataiku is set up correctly but the connection itself refused:

Error while connecting to dataset PROJECT.SP_DATASET, caused by: SocketBlockLinkKernelException: Failed to stat path '' : <class 'sharepoint_client.SharePointClientError'> : Forbidden. Please check your account credentials. (get_files)

The configuration of the plugin preset (client/tenant/secret etc.) is set up correctly as I can see the log-in is succesfull within Azure. Only after this do we get the error message above. To resolve this I want to add the required authorisation within SharePoint.

What account/user is used to make this connection? My personal account has access to the SharePoint and as far as I can tell this is also the case for all other users/admin accounts so I was surprised to get this message.

Any help is much appreciated!


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    Hi @SanderVW
    Are you using OAuth credentials? https://www.dataiku.com/product/plugins/sharepoint-online/ ( Method 2)
    Make sure the API permissions tab is the same as the example provided.
    If you have OAuth it will use your user credentials
    The error suggests that the path you are trying to access may not be authorized for your user.
    Can you check with Sharepoint Admins - SharePoint site (Site settings > Site permissions > Check permissions).

     Please check the Site Path Root Directory defined in the Preset are correct and you have access to these:
    Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 8.38.22 AM.png

    If that is all fine, please open a support ticket with job diagnostics so we can investigate further.

    Kind Regards,

  • SanderVW
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    Thank you for your response!

    I'm not trying to use OAuth credentials but rather SharePoint Online Site App Permissions. I believed this would disregard the account of the profile and use the tenant to connect to SharePoint, however, the connection is still unsuccesful. The credentials of the tenant are set up correctly within the Plugin as we can see the authentication is succesful, but the following authorisation is not.

    Attempts to use the different methods have also proved unsuccesful. We tried Single Sign On and reached a similar issue but would like to avoid this method and Online Login as having the access based on user accounts is not reliable enough in our case (user accounts are liable to change and we want the application to work separate from this).

    Any ideas how to resolve it for the SharePoint Online Site App Permission method?

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