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Hi everyone, How can I load data from an Oracle database to Vertica without drop the destiny table each time that I run the process? Because I try to use the sync recipe but each time that I run the flow, dataiku recreate the table in Vertica instead of append the new rows. I already try with the configurations of free schema and with append instead overwrite checkbox selected.


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  • Sarina
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    Hi @AHerrera101499

    By default, all data will be written from the input dataset to the output dataset, and DSS will indeed clear the output dataset prior to writing to it. If you have "append mode" on, that should be sufficient, but I understand that it's not. Can you please attach a job diagnostic for the job while append mode is selected?

    If you wish to open a support ticket and attach the job diagnostic through the ticket instead, that's also fine.

    Thank you,


  • Turribeach
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    Note that using the append check box is not a guarantee that Dataiku will not drop the output table. For instance if the output data schema changes then Dataiku will need to recreate the table to match the new schema which means the table gets dropped and recreated. If you want full certainty Dataiku will not drop the table you will need to do the data insert in the output table manually (ie in a code recipe).

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