Comparing two recipes to determine if one is different?

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We create Dataiku project templates which give the user known-good recipes and flow zones to accomplish a certain task. The project has variables we use in the recipes to parameterize the usage such that it can be run using different settings. My question is if there is a way I could loop through the recipes in the users' project and get a boolean result if a recipe has been edited in any way.

Perhaps, there is some recipe text definition I could create a hash ID I could use to do the boolean diff?


Operating system used: Windows 10

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    The power of the Dataiku API! Here you go:

    import dataikuclient_handle = dataiku.api_client()project_handle = client_handle.get_project('some project key')# Or you use client_handle.list_project_keys()# to get all project keyspython_recipes = [i for i in project_handle.list_recipes() if i['type'] in ['python']]for python_recipe in python_recipes:recipe_name = python_recipe['name']recipe_handle = project_handle.get_recipe(recipe_name)recipe_script = recipe_handle.get_settings().get_payload()# Do something with it


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