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We have created 2 node design and automation we were able to move users and connection from design node to automation using the .json files.
do we have such an alternative for user impersonation as well were we can copy the details from design to automation

Operating system used: Linux

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    Yes, it's possible via API/ or copying fragments of the general-settings.json we will need also, it's best to utilize regex in cases like this. Maintaining such a long list will be hard to manage, as you can see.

    import dataiku
    import dataikuapi
    local_client = dataiku.api_client()

    host = "https://design-node-url:port"
    api_key = "replace_here_generate_personal_api_key_of_admin_or_admin_api_key"
    remote_client = dataikuapi.DSSClient(host, api_key)

    settings = client.get_general_settings()
    impersonation_rules = settings.get_raw()['impersonation']
    remote_rules = remote_client.get_general_settings().get_raw()['impersonation']
    settings.get_raw()['impersonation'] = remote_rules

    If you have any issues I would suggest you open a support ticket with the instance diagnostics and your security-config.ini from the design so we can provide more perspective guidance on this matter.



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