export dashboard to pdf in windows

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I am learning Dataiku at Dataiku academy and I am unable to find export to pdf for a dashboard I created . I am following this tutorial but nothing is working;


  • Go to the DSS data dir

  • Stop DSS

    ./bin/dss stop
  • Run the installation script

    ./bin/dssadmin install-graphics-export
  • If prompted to, run the dependencies installation script as root

  • Start DSS

    ./bin/dss start

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  • Turribeach
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    The Windows install is provided for testing only and it's not supported. Certain features like PDF export may not work. If you need to have a fully working Dataiku instance you will need to install it under a fully supported operating system:


  • tgb417
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    I know that I’ve gotten .pdf exports to work on Macintosh. However, that is a Unix/linux like operating system under the hood. One of the challenges in doing that Macintosh installations is actually finding the home directory. But one found it can work. ~/Library/DataScienceStudio/dss_home (I’m listing that path from memory so it might be a little bit off.)

    As I think about your situation. I know that I’ve used a PC with Dataiku DSS and installed DSS into Windows Subsystem for Linux 2. This is a fairly advanced configuration and takes a fair bit of Linux and windows experience to setup and ends up with a somewhat compromised DSS setup. However, I’m here saying it can work and produce .pdf results. But once again as @Turribeach
    correctly points out this would be an unsupported configuration. Your mileage may vary.


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