Why are projects and API endpoints not showing up in the Unified Monitoring?

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We have API endpoints and projects set up in the automation node, but they are not showing up in the Unified Monitoring. Things I did to try to add the API Endpoints and Projects to the monitoring:

  • Projects:
    • Deployed a new project to the automation node
  • API:
    • Set up event server
    • Set up the automation node as an activity monitor for the production infrastructure
    • Deployed a new deployment to the automation node

I waited some time, but still, nothing is showing up on the Unified Monitoring. Am I missing a step?


  • gambinoga
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    Hello Emiel_Veersma,

    Usually the Unified Monitoring deployment listing comes without the need of additional steps.

    You have a "Logs" tabs in Unified Monitoring that helps to debug cases where it goes wrong. You could try to see if the initialization of the feature faced an issue.
    I can provide you support on that as well if you attach the logs in here.


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