we have 3 multiple sheets, then how to do pivot in Dataiku?

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We have 3 multiple sheets and each sheet has more than 50 columns, and I want the results in pivot table/PO format.

How to do? Should I use Pivot Recipe or Data Preparation recipe?

Can anyone will help me?


  • Turribeach
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    Import each sheet into a separate dataset, then use the stack to "stack" the data together (assuming that's what you mean by 3 multiple sheets), then use the Pivot recipe to pivot the data.

  • Piyush12
    Piyush12 Registered Posts: 2

    Thanks, If we stack all 3 datasets and then I am using the UNION option, we will get 240 columns in total. so what to do?

    In Pivot, there are 2 options, Create Column and With Row Identifier.

    I only need the data row identifier. Then what to do with the column?

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