How to get the list of Directories from the managed folder in R recipe of Dataiku.

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Hi Team

we are having a managed folder in Dataiku which we have created with the help of BOX plugin. Below is the configuration of the managed folder.


Now, we want to get the list of high-level directories which are present in this managed folder using R recipe of dataiku. we don't need any sub directories name or any file name from sub directories.
we tried to use the dkuManagedFolderPartitionPaths() to get the paths but it is taking a lot of time because we are having a lot of files in sub-directories.
Is there any other way to get the list of directories from managed folder in R recipe of Dataiku?


  • Alexandru
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    The dkuManagedFolderPartitionPaths is the only function to list paths in a managed folder in R, This can take a long time if there are a lot of files/directories.

    What I can suggest is to use the browse option in UI to list top-level directories and then create separate folder connections for these top-level directories.

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