How to import a project from a git remote

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I was wondering if there was any solution on importing a project from Git?

I have sync-ed project A with git by pushing on a remote, and now want project B to be created using the repository. I cannot find any solution, and create the project beforehand and pulling changes results in a conflict.

I've found this post ( that seem to have the same use case but has no answer on it unfortunately.

I would be interested in that since we have two environments very distinct from eachother with little to no connection possible apart from our git. Importing manually depends on each user's rights and not everyone in my team has the rights on both instances.

Thanks for your help.

Operating system used: Windows 11


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    I think you are confused in your question. The ability to sync Dataiku version control changes to a remote Git repo does not give you the ability to import/export a project. The version control capability is only to track project changes, not to perform project import/export between different Dataiku nodes. If you want to import/export a project between the Designer Node and the Automation node then you should use the Deployer Node. If you want to mport/export a project between two Designer Nodes then you need to use the GUI options (project export, project import), the command line options or the Python API:

    You can store project exports in Git if you prefer but these are zip files so they not really suitable for Git. You should use a binary store like Jfrog Artifactory.

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