Problem when creating charts and publish in dashboard in collaborative mode

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Hello and happy new year to the whole community of Dataiku !

I wonder if someone has encountered the following issue :

When two users collaborate on the same project and one create a chart then publish on a dashboard and the other (in the same time ) creates another chart publish again on the same dashboard the chart created by the first user is lost (even if has been saved !) or the slide contained in the dashboard is lost

I am a teacher and my students reported this issue since several months , initially i thought they might make a mistake but to today the same issue happened with many group of students facing the same issue

So i decided to ask the community and i will probably raise a ticket to Dataiku support unless some as an explanation or a solution ?

Thanks a lot for your attention to this message !


PS: My students are using an academic version of Dataiku which is collaborative




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    While Dataiku allows collaboration and working on the same project it's doesn't support multiple users working on the same object at the same time nor it will warn users about overwritting the other user's work. It does however give you notifications when two or more users are viewing the same object. You should confirm with the other user(s) before making any changes and you should make sure you reload the object once changes have been done by the another user so you can start your work with the correct version of the object. You can raise this with Support if you want but it's not going to be a different response.

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