Get list of projects that used the list of dataset

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I need help to get the list of projects from lists of dataset that is available in our folder.

for e.g. dataset 1 is used in Project A, Project B and Project C

I am not sure if we can get the list from flow's documentation or should I use python get the list.

Operating system used: Windows


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    This should give you a good start. Run it on a Jupyter Notebook as admin user:

    import dataiku
    client_handle = dataiku.api_client()
    project_keys = client_handle.list_project_keys()
    for project in project_keys:
        project_handle = client_handle.get_project(project)
        dataset_list = project_handle.list_datasets()
        for dataset in dataset_list:
            print("Project Name: " + project + " - Dataset Name: " + dataset['name'] + " - Type: " + dataset['type'])

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