Adding Max Date from Dataset into Dashboard

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I am developing dashboards based on a dataset that has a date field and I want to input the max date (most recent date) into the dashboard so the end users can see the most recent date of the data used to populate the dashboard. this is something that is possible? i would like it to update when more recent data is ingested into

thank you for the help in advance!

Operating system used: Windows 11

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    If the dataset has a date to get max date and that field is parsed then go to "Status" section for that dataset > Edit > Metrics. Select Max. I set the "Auto compute after build" option to "Yes". Re-build dataset after saving.

    Then in Dashboard, you add a tile "Metrics". You select the same data source and you should see that metric in the "Metric" drop down list.

    Easy peasy if the data set has a date field. If it does not have a date then to add a date you have to either extract from the source file or the run date using Prepare or Shell recipes.

    Have fun!


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