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I saw this new Product Idea about an Easier access to Determine Data Set Rebuild Behavior Setting and I thought that sure could be a new Flow View. I then thought well I had similar requirements in the past where some use case would have needed a special flow view that wasn't available. I then thought that the use case wasn't common enough that other people would want the same feature in the product. I then remembered that is not the first time a new flow view could have been handy for other use cases. But then I thought as well that Dataiku can't possible add every possible way of viewing the flow or otherwise you will end up with too many options. Which is where I came up to this idea of adding Custom Flow Views. How would Custom Flow Views work? Well basically on top of the pre-existing Flow Views Dataiku could allow users to create custom views. Custom Views would work the same pre-defined views work but would let users select any recipe and dataset attribute and set a condition on them to display them in the flow. So for instance now only this idea could be used to show the Dataset rebuild setting as per Tom's idea above but much more. Do you want to see which datasets have more than 500k rows rather than just the record count? Do you want to see Connections by connection type instead of Connection name? In Activity you could want to see which datasets weren't rebuilt in the last 3 months? The options are unlimited provided the interface allows to select any attribute and set logical conditions. These logical conditions could re-use the existing formula language from the Prepare recipe so shouldn't need to built for this purpose.

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    This is a grand idea. I'll up vote it. However, I would encourage Dataiku Staff to also consider some of the more incremental ideas as well listed here in Product Ideas should the scope of this idea be to large to take on at this time.

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