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Dear Dataiku user,

I am facing a quite annoying issue when running a scenario that automatically sends a dashboard in PDF format to a diffusion list.

When editing the dashboard, organizing the tiles, and exporting the dashboard MANUALLY, everything is as I'd like it to be (although I feel like there's a huge lack of personnalization tools but that's not the matter).

However, when launching a scenario that sends out this dashboard, the table in the PDF sent and the values within it become very small. It's all shifted to the upper left hand corner of the tiles and you can barely see anything.

Does someone know why is that and how I could fix this ? I assumed the way my dashboard looked when I export it manually would be the same when sent automatically but it is not...

Thanks a lot for your help



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    As per the documentation the export feature uses an embedded Chrome browser to perform the actual snapshotting. So this not being a built-in feature might explain why it's missing from otherwise very extensive Dataiku Python API. As for why the PDF exports differ when you do the different actions I am none the wiser but I wouldn't rely on this feature too much since it's not built-in and it depends on Chrome so it's likely to have limited support from Dataiku.

    You could explore other options like buiding your own PDF exporter or XLS document with Python but the more progressive advice will be to stop sending data out and have your users come to Dataiku to see the latest data in the dashboard. Not only you will get a great feedback loop as to whether they are actually looking at your dashboards but also they can benefit from using interactive dashboards and collaboration tools. A little known secret Dataiku doesn't tell everyone is that Reader licenses are free. Contact your Dataiku Account Manager and as for some free Reader licenses, that's all users need to see Dashboards.

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