Integrating with GitHub and Dataiku DSS

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As per the description for working with Github, (Working with Git — Dataiku DSS 12 documentation)

I need a DSS user's public SSH key, and if I don't have it, need to generate SSH key,

but the example shown on the description is for whom those use Dataiku Cloud.

(I don't use Dataiku Cloud but Enterprise.)

How do I generate SSH key for connecting external Github?

Would you give me an detailed example or explanation?




To connect from DSS to an external git repository, you must copy your DSS user’s public SSH key and add it to the list of accepted SSH keys in your GitHub account.

To copy the public key, from the terminal of your DSS user’s account, run: pbcopy < ~/.ssh/

If you have not yet generated needed SSH keys, you will need to run ssh-keygen and follow corresponding prompts.

To generate your public key on Dataiku Cloud:

  • go to your launchpad > extension tab > add an extension,

  • select the git integration feature,

  • enter the domain of the repository ( by default),

  • click to validate and generate the key.

Dataiku Cloud will then automatically generate the key and run a git command to the origin to get (and verify) the SSH host key of this server. You can now copy the generated key and add it to your GitHub account. To find this key in the future or generate a new one go to the extension tab and edit the Git Integration feature.

For more assistance, see GitHub’s documentation.

Operating system used: Linux (centos)


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