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Hello guys,

Please i need your support.

I have installed Dss on aws instance , and run the boot at the start script.

Dss is running but i can't access it from the browser.

But whenever i install it for the first time i can access it and once o restart my instance i can't access it anymore

This the displayed message on the browser

This Page Cannot Be Displayed

The system cannot communicate with the external server ( ). The Internet server may be busy, may be permanently down, or may be unreachable because of network problems.

Please check the spelling of the Internet address entered. If it is correct, try this request later.

If you have questions, or feel this is an error, please contact your organization's network administrator and provide the codes shown below.

Notification codes: (1, GATEWAY_TIMEOUT,


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    can you make sure DSS is actually running in your vm? You'll need to SSH into the box, become the user you used to install DSS and move into the bin folder contained inside your data_dir (the folder you installed DSS into).

    There is a command in that folder called dss, you can use it with ./dss status to understand if DSS is running. If not, you can start it with ./dss start

    Once done, you'll need to point your browser to the port you decided to install DSS. If you don't remember which port it is, read the install.ini file contained into the data_dir, it will contain the port DSS is exposed to.

    When working on cloud, however, you'll need to make sure you can reach the vm where DSS runs. This involves setting rules on security groups, having public IPs, etc. Those activity are beyond our support

    If DSS doesn't start for any reason, attach the backend.log to this post. You can find it into data_dir/run/backend.log

    Take care,

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