Dataiku Docker File vs. Dataiku VirtualBox ISO File

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All my enviroment problems are gone, since using the Virtualbox ISO you provieded.

Now i set up a VM with a Container using your Docker file.

Again I want to use your forecast plug in

and when using the "clean" step, i get the error that the "zoo" package is missing.

This error is the same that i got NOT using your Virtualbox ISO and that started all env issues that followed.

I know that the next step would be

Is there a way to setup the docker file like your Virtualbox ISO?


  • Omar
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    Hi Bonian,

    I'm not sure I understand your setup or what you are trying to achieve.

    Based on your message, I understand that you downloaded our VirtualBox VM, installed Docker and the forecast plugin, and you want to create a Docker image. Is that correct ?

    Which version of DSS are you running ? Can you please try to download the VM relative to DSS version 6.0.3?

    Take care,

    Architect @ Dataiku

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