a new Learning Path for Dataiku Administrators

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I think introducing an additional "administrator" learning path would be highly valuable.

Drawing from my experience, there is a clear necessity for training our Dataiku administrators within our organization. The turnover rate for administrators is quite high, given that they typically serve as system administrators and data engineers who are already occupied with various engineering tasks unrelated to Dataiku. When new administrators join, they face a steep learning curve in acquiring proficiency with Data Science Studio (DSS). Additionally, while Dataiku's documentation is generally well-crafted, it is, as expected, dispersed across Dataiku's various features. Centralizing the key information, as initiated in the Knowledge pages, and transforming this content into instructional videos with a final examination would be even more advantageous.

Moreover, I believe that even regular Dataiku users could benefit from a deeper understanding of how Dataiku is configured, or at the very least, they could engage administrators more effectively if they were familiar with the system's setup. Such a learning path could prove beneficial for these profiles and might even provide them with the opportunity to transition into an administrator role over time if they decide to change their career paths.

This topic has been discussed in this thread, but I am posting this to formally propose the idea of establishing a new learning pathway in the Dataiku Academy.

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