Error exploring missing partition in partitioned data set

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Hi Dataiku

While fixing some bugs in my flow, I ran into the following problem:

- Exploring a specific partition of my data set, which has some error

- Realise I don't want to include this partition anyway, so I go upstream in the flow and remove it from the list of partitions to generate

- Clear and rebuild the problem dataset (now without that partition)

- Reopening and exploring the data set now gives me the error 'Path does not exist', but does not let me change the explore sampling to change the partition filter). The 'Sample' button is missing.

What should I do in this case, how can I reset the sampling without access to the sample control panel?

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  • OnDraK
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    I have had the same issue and this should definitely be addressed in one of the future updates (bug fixes). This is the way how to resolve it as of now: In the dataset view, go to Settings -> Advanced and check "Missing partitions as empty". Then the requested partition in the Explore tab will show an empty table - screenshot attached.

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